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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Civil Disobedience

What is civil disobedience? Civil disobedience is a purposeful way of refusing laws and anything the government says. In short, civil disobedience is a way for the people to resist the government without being violent.

Why is this important you may ask? Well looking at the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, we can see African-Americans participating in civil disobedience. This is important because in order to obtain the freedoms they deserved, African-Americans had to resist the laws that continued to segregate them. African-Americans had to basically go against the government which put their lives on the line because they were breaking laws and upsetting many of the white people. As the white people got more and more upset and violent, the African-Americans had to remain nonviolent if they wanted to prove that they were as humane as the white people, if not more humane than them.

Civil disobedience proved to work very well as it would eventually lead to the complete equality of African-Americans. Because African-Americans stood up for their rights by breaking laws and getting the attention of people all over the United States, they earned their right to equality. One of the key factors of this movement was the fact that the African-Americans remained nonviolent, proving to everyone that they were not animals and therefore, they deserved the rights that the white people had.

One of the most powerful of the civil disobedience acts was quotes and speeches. Simple quotes had such a big impact on the perception of African-Americans and many African-Americans gave speeches that lasted a lifetime.

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